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About CyberSight

Reinventing the World of Cybersecurity

CyberSight is taking a fresh new approach to endpoint security. We have created a comprehensive security intelligence platform to predict, detect and stop cyberattacks before they happen.

Our first product, RansomStopper™, is bringing new capabilities to defeat malicious software known as ransomware – one of the most damaging types of malware. Our anti-ransomware software uses machine learning to provide multi-layered defense against ransomware. Our proprietary deception techniques combined with our recovery and rollback technology protects from malicious encryption and file loss.

CyberSight Leadership

Tim McElwee

Tim McElwee, Founder and CEO, is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience building and growing innovative software and cloud-based companies . Tim is an internationally recognized security expert and is co-author of five patents in the field of cybersecurity and is passionate about finding new, better ways to keep people protected from cyberattacks – all at an affordable price. CyberSight was founded on the premise that we could take the attacks of today and use them to predict the future attacks of tomorrow. He believes that by collecting data on current attacks, we can better predict and prevent attacks, protecting valuable information and preventing costly data breaches.

Tim is an industry veteran and has held multiple senior executive positions including Chairman of Proficio, a Managed Security Service Provider and was the former CEO of Imperito Networks, the first cloud-based VPN software company. He was also VP of Worldwide Sales and Service for both Phoenix Technologies (Nasdaq PTEC) and Ramp Networks (acquired by Nokia). Tim has co-authored multiple patents and has a proven track record of launching new companies, building highly successful global organizations, and creating shareholder value.

Our Vision: The Future of Cybersecurity

Our vision when developing RansomStopper was to address the changing nature of ransomware by stopping cyberattacks that evade traditional antivirus software. Even the most expensive antivirus solutions often fail to detect new ransomware because they rely on signature and pattern updates. Many other companies are offer expensive, bloated endpoint security products but CyberSight is the first company to deliver lightweight, purpose built anti-ransomware solutions for both home and business users. RansomStopper is a “must have” complement to antivirus software.

The ultimate goal for CyberSight is to predict a security attack and stop it before it materializes. Innovation, efficiency and low-cost is at the heart of our culture and is what drives us to explore and evolve our software each and every day. We want to create a long-term data company around security – one the looks at collective attack intelligence, shares it with the cybersecurity community, and uses this knowledge to win the fight against cybercriminals.

We want to build a company that makes a difference and helps both companies and individuals stay better protected.