CyberSight Releases RansomStopper Anti-Ransomware Software

CyberSight Announces RansomStopper™ – Enterprise-level Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Protection for Everyone to Stop Ransomware


RansomStopper™ is the best affordably priced anti-ransomware software built specifically for large Enterprise customers and is free to home computer users


CARLSBAD, Calif. – December 4, 2017 – CyberSight, a new provider of a disruptive cybersecurity intelligence platform, today announced the availability of RansomStopper, its patented solution to predict, detect and stop ransomware attacks. RansomStopper uses proprietary technology and machine learning to provide a multi-layered defense against ransomware for home and business use.

The proliferation of data breaches and attacks including WannaCry, Petya and the latest, Scarab has outpaced companies’ abilities to protect themselves and their customers. Legacy antivirus solutions rely on signature and pattern updates that don’t detect modern cyberthreats. RansomStopper was built from the ground up to address the changing nature of ransomware by preventing, rather than reactively detecting, the ransomware attacks that evade traditional antivirus software.

“We’ve seen the largest ransomware attacks in history this year, and cybercriminals are showing no signs of slowing down,” said Hyder Rabbani, Chief Operating Officer, CyberSight. “Too often, companies and individuals are left to clean up the damage after ransomware attacks – to the tune of billions of dollars in losses each year. We created RansomStopper to make ransomware prevention available to everyone. With our free Home and Personal version to our business edition for Small Business and Enterprise customers, now all users have protection against ransomware attacks.”

RansomStopper’s next-generation anti-ransomware software leverages patented behavioral analysis and deception techniques to detect new and existing ransomware and to protect from malicious encryption and file loss. Its intuitive platform installs in minutes, with a minimal footprint, and is compatible with all existing antivirus and security solutions.

RansomStopper’s robust anti-ransomware protection includes:

  • Prevention: Applies machine learning on files pre-execution to prevent them from infecting your system
  • Deception: Honeypots and on-demand traps to catch ransomware before it impacts files
  • Detection: Kernel level behavioral analysis on processes and files in real-time
  • Automatic Response: Automatically stops attacks, including Zero-Day attacks, by blocking processes and quarantining files

RansomStopper is available immediately as a free subscription for home and personal users and is priced at a fraction of competitors’ pricing for small businesses and enterprises (starting at $29.99 for a single business license down to less than $10.00 per computer for volume licenses). RansomStopper is available on Windows 7, 8, and 10, as well as Windows servers 2008, 2012, 2016. To learn more, visit

In 2018, CyberSight will be introducing additional enterprise-level cybersecurity products for File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) and Lateral Movement Monitoring.

About CyberSight

CyberSight is a leading cybersecurity intelligence platform that predicts, detects and stops cyberattacks before they happen. CyberSight’s RansomStopper software uses proprietary technology and machine learning to provide multi-layered defense against ransomware for home and business uses. Learn more at


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