CyberSight Creates SAFE Program Donating Ransomware Protection to Local Governments and Nonprofits

CyberSight creates SAFE Program, Donating 10,000 RansomStopper™ Business Licenses valued at $300,000 to Local Government and Nonprofit Organizations in the United States and Canada


CyberSight’s RansomStopper™ to Prevent, Detect and Stop Ransomware Attacks on Critical Government and Nonprofit Organizations


CARLSBAD, Calif. – January 3, 2018 – CyberSight, a San Diego-based cybersecurity intelligence platform company, today announced the donation of 10,000 RansomStopper business licenses, valued at $300,000, to qualifying local government offices and nonprofit organizations through the launch of its CyberSight SAFE Program. RansomStopper is CyberSight’s patented software solution to predict, detect and stop ransomware attacks on computers.


The surge of ransomware attacks in 2017 has proven that no individual or organization is safe from the threat of ransomware. There have been numerous reports of crippling cyberattacks on emergency services, law enforcement, city and county offices, shelters, community centers and public works across the country. In addition to the potentially massive financial and business interruption losses from ransomware attacks, the impact to public safety and infrastructure integrity, and the damages resulting from exposed or lost personal information of employees and beneficiaries (often children) and civil and criminal records is often overlooked.


Many local governments and nonprofits have limited resources to prevent cyberattacks. To help these organizations, CyberSight has created the CyberSight SAFE Program to donate up to 10,000 business licenses to the community. Requests from qualified government and nonprofit organizations may be submitted to [email protected].


“Ransomware attacks are devastating to all businesses, but can be especially damaging to local governments and nonprofit organizations. Cybercriminals frequently target these institutions under the presumption that they have outdated equipment and a lack of protection software, along with limited human resources to handle cybersecurity,” said Hyder Rabbani, COO, CyberSight. “We want to make a difference. The CyberSight SAFE Program raises cybersecurity awareness and will help local governments and nonprofit organizations protect their computer systems from cybercriminals so they can focus on their main business and the communities they serve.”


RansomStopper is a next-generation anti-ransomware software that leverages patented behavioral analysis and deception techniques to detect new and existing ransomware and to protect from malicious encryption and file loss. Its intuitive platform allows even the most resource-limited organizations to easily protect their systems from malicious attacks.


To learn more and to apply for one free year of RansomStopper, please send an email with your organization’s details to [email protected]. CyberSight team members will process the request and start the protection process. For users seeking ransomware protection for their home PCs, CyberSight also offers a free personal version of RansomStopper that can be downloaded directly from


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