Detects and Stops

RansomStopper identifies suspicious processes, and automatically takes action to terminate them, prior to file encryption.

Behavioral Analysis

Applies proprietary algorithms on files statically, before they execute, and automatically quarantines malicious ransomware files.

Runtime Behavioral

Analyses behavior of running processes and file manipulations in real time, from the Kernel layer of the operating system and automatically contains malicious activities.

Machine Learning

Applies proprietary machine learning on incoming files, and accurately distinguishes in milliseconds malicious ones from benign.


Deploys traps strategically on the machine in places where ransomware statistically is likely to start encrypting, to stop it before it can get to your files.

Real-Time Alerting

Alerting occurs both locally on the machine for the user, and in a centralized portal for the businesses administrators, with forensic information on attack details.

Microsoft OS 7, 8,
and 10

RansomStopper supported on leading version of Windows OS for PCs in both 64-bit and 32-bit flavors

Works with Existing
AV Software

Software has been tested to interoperate along side major Anti-Virus solutions in a complementary fashion.

Email Alerting

Solution provides admin real-time email alerts of ransomware, with details on the impacted machine and user, and the root cause of the attack.

Group Policy (White
list / Blacklist)

Solution provides admin with the ability proactively and reactively, whitelist certain applications, or blacklist certain applications, company-wide.

File Back-Ups

Solution offered with dynamic file backup component, to seamlessly recover files impacted by Ransomware attacks.


Solution offered in conjunction with modern web portal for download and managing agents remotely, receiving alerts, and responding to attacks.

Microsoft Windows

Solution supported on Windows Servers OS (versions 2008 and above) in addition to Windows OS for PCs.


Solution provides out-of-the box executive reporting and dashboards, in addition to customized reports and searching capabilities.

Protection of
Critical Disk Regions

Solution detects and prevents attempts to over-write critical disk regions on the machine, such as the Master Boot Record (MBR).